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Promotional products are everywhere with companies logos. Some call it: a leave behind, marketing at it's simplist form, stuff that gets thrown away. However, what if there was true thought to it? Items that were not just picked for a quick fix, but have value and keep you in mind with your new and existing customers.
Think of it as: Sustainability. Products that immediately give you the edge on your competition.

I partnered with Bill Mathias at HYS and we have that philosphy in mind. No obligation, No minimums, No headache. Your logo on whatever you can think of without the haste and cost savings. We can get samples next day and bring or ship them right to you. Brands like: The North Face, Carhart, Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and many more to list. Being a Graphic Designer gives us that extra edge to create your logo or take the existing one and adapt it correctly to the specifications. We are that one stop shop!

Take a look at our website to see how we can HELP YOU SUCCEED! It is in our name to do just that!

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